2018 Retro

January 02, 2019

I had an exceptional 2018. Liza made us an amazing ‘modern scrapbook featuring us’ cataloguing our time as we settled into post-grad life. I now just want to dump a list of highlights and brief reflections:

  • We traveled to FL, Hamptons, Madison, Killington, Peru, Maine, Rhinebeck, and Chicago. I also spent a week in Copenhagen visiting Ginger on her study abroad, adventuring with my mom and Mark, and working from the CPH office for a few days.
  • I went to a wild number of live events, and I’m excited that my job is now explicitly focused on helping others discover live events to attend.
  • In general, work is going really well. I got into a groove with the platform team (soon to be renamed discovery team), am thinking more about long-term strategy, and I’m incredibly lucky to have such strong relationships with my co-workers (shout out to Pizza Wednesday, Charlie’s family’s hospitality, Workation, and the nascent #pong community (lol)). Eli and I also went to an SVPG workshop, and I’m optimistic that some of our takeaways will change the way we work.
  • I won the Sandlot Sports Monday social league dodgeball championship! (And tore a ligament in my pinky along the way.) Ben and I (“Baked Beans”) also arguably won a very casual spikeball tournament.

However, there were a few things that could’ve gone better:

  • I re-started work on Notist with Matt, David, and Andrew. We had a hard time building momentum (hard to coordinate schedules, possibly a lack of excitement), though, so we didn’t get too far. I also realized that we need curators / tastemakers to launch any sort of community; so if I try again with this idea, I may build specifically for commentators and those with large email audiences.
  • I read less than I wanted. (My next post will be about books I want to read in 2019.) I think this ties into a larger theme in my life: I’ve perpetually had a hard time of forming habits. I also barely exercised and meditated.
  • I’ve also neglected [serious] photography (though I have been using my phone camera a bunch). I’d also like to be more disciplined about organizing/editing my photos, though I’m not sure how I want to share them.
  • In a year of Trump and political division, I rarely read the news or engaged politically, and I feel guilty about my apathy.
  • Liza and I dabbled with cooking, but it fizzled out. Similar story with chess.

Things to prioritize in 2019:

  • Read more consistently, and take better notes on what I read. A couple English professors I worked with in college always stressed the importance of taking notes on what you read for 1. Better understanding and 2. Better reference, and I want to make more of an effort this year.
  • Form some other positive habit. I want to go to the gym, play tennis and squash, and meditate, but I also want to be realistic.
  • Appreciate music. I put very little thoughts into music this year, opting to just listen to The Mountain Goats on repeat. I want to set aside some time to deeply listen to new albums.
  • Organize recurring social plans. I’ve done trivia and board game nights with friends, but they’re always ad-hoc.
  • Go on trips with friends. I didn’t hike in 2018, so that’s an easy place to start. SeatGeekers have also talked about wanting to go on a trip, and we can easily make it happen.
  • Build a small iOS app; I don’t necessarily want to work on Notist or a larger project, but do want to continue building my technical skills

These are all things I hope to someday do, but they aren’t likely to happen this year:

Not to prioritize in 2019:

  • Start a book club
  • Political engagement / following the news
  • Cooking
  • Video Games
  • Appreciating art and going to museums / galleries
  • Studying trivia
  • Re-invest in photography
  • Learning an instrument
  • Getting good at chess
  • Learning to draw

Byrne Hollander

Written by Byrne Hollander who lives and works in New York City.